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Dog Daycare

Our expert staff members get to know and love each dog individually in order to keep him or her safe and engaged with their friends.

Discounts available for multiple dogs - contact us for details.

Chateau Marmutt has the same dogs come in daily, so yes your dog makes friends! Our climate-controlled environment includes a variety of music, a ton of tennis balls, big toys to romp on and comfy cots to take a nap. Chateau Marmutt also has personal fitness programs that include a treadmill for the pudgy pooch or a laid back chill area for senior dogs. We always take each individual dog needs into consideration when they are in our day care.

What do I need to bring on my first visit?

Please download and complete the forms in this PDF package. You can email them to us, along with current shot records, or bring everything with you on your first visit. It is best if we check out your shot records prior to visiting. We don't want to turn you away!

Who comes to play at doggie day care?

Social dogs with all their updated vaccination records.

What vaccinations are required to visit Chateau Marmutt?

Chateau Marmutt requires three vaccinations for our guests: Rabies, DHLP&P, and Bordetella. Your veterinarian can easily fax or email us these records.  Every dog must be free from fleas and on a flea preventative program.

What do they do all day while at doggie daycare?

Play, play, and play!! Our daycare providers keep the dogs entertained all day with ball throwing, treats and lots of love.

Why dog day care?

Dogs are pack animals – they need exercise and socialization. This supervised "indoor dog park" is the best place for them to be during the day while you're busy.

Where do smaller, timid or older dogs play?

Chateau Marmutt separates small dogs and big dogs. The young pups, small dogs and slower dogs hang in the office where they have access to beds, toys and lots of attention.

Should I bring my dog's food, toys or bed?

We will happily feed your dog if you bring their food. Don't bring your own toys or bed - they may get destroyed and Chateau Marmutt has all the amenities to make your dog feel at home.

What if my dog needs to see the vet?

Our staff is always on the look out for changes in behavior. You will be contacted immediately if we suspect a problem and the pet is either taken to his/ her own vet or our vet on call.